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Viola Valley Half Marathon

Viola Valley Half Marathon Registration


Mailing Address

Birthdate                                          Age Day of Race - 5/19/18               Sex: M     F

T-shirt size   (circle one)     S     M     L     XL

Daytime Phone Number  _________________________ Cell Phone Number_____________________________

Emergency Contact Name and Number_______________________________________________________________

The undersigned acknowledges that the Viola Valley Half Marathon race is voluntary and that I am voluntarily participating. I hereby release the Viola Valley Half Marathon, its officers, volunteers, race officials, sponsors and all parties from any claims, demands or causes of action of every nature which arise out of or are connected with the Viola Valley Half Marathon race and/or events.

The undersigned agrees that the above-mentioned parties shall be held harmless in the event of an accident causing damages or loss of property or injury to the undersigned. I have read the foregoing release, understand its terms, and voluntarily sign the same.

Registration fees:  $40.00 thru April 20, 2018
Please mail registration for to: Viola Valley Half Marathon
                                                           2395 Mt. Zion Road
                                                          McMinnville TN 37110

We ask that you not mail any forms after May 10, 2018. This will help us to have all our registration bags completed by the day of race

Signature____________________________ Date__________________________

Signature of parent/Guardian if runner is under 18__________________________